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Breen Township is requesting Bids for 2023-2024 Winter Plowing

· Bid Structure: Provide an individual per plowing price for each of the 5 main locations.

· Locations to be plowed: Firehall, Twp Dump (may require occasional plowing from hall to dump), Hardwood Hall, Peterson Park (including fire department landing by river and ice rink), Stromberg boat landing (and the road out to it)

· Contract Duration: 2023-2024 Winter season (officially ending May 31st)

· How often: Each site requires a different level of attention, and will be directed by the board.

· Required qualifications: Maintains commercial plowing insurance coverage, insurance certificate must be provided to Supervisor.

Bids must be received no later than the Breen Twp Board meeting on 12/4/23 @ 6pm.

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